Oxfordshire Plan 2050 consultation coming soon
2 July, 2021

People will soon get the chance to have their say on the latest stage of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

The Plan will set the framework for future planning decisions on housing and infrastructure needs while seeking to protect our natural environment, tackle climate change and improve quality of life for all.

By planning collectively this will help all of Oxfordshire’s local authorities ensure that future generations can continue to live locally with access to good jobs while enjoying all the benefits of the county – such as its green spaces and cultural heritage.

The next stage of the Plan-making process will ask people to consider policies that seek to address climate change, improve environmental quality, create strong and healthy communities, plan for sustainable travel and connectivity, and create jobs and provide homes.

It will also look at different approaches for distributing growth across the county to best harness the opportunities it will create.

The consultation document needs to be approved by each of Oxfordshire’s planning authorities and this will take place during July’s round of meetings.

Once approved by all councils, the public consultation will open on Friday 30 July and will be open for ten weeks until Sunday 10 October.

The consultation will be online and further details on how to take part will be revealed nearer the launch date.

Councillor Emily Smith, Leader of Vale of White Horse District Council and Chair of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Member Advisory Group, said:

“This consultation document sets out several options and suggestions to help inform planning in Oxfordshire for the next 30 years which I am keen to get as much feedback as possible at this stage in the process.

“The Oxfordshire Plan starts to set out ways in which we can deliver the ‘Oxfordshire Vision’ that Growth Board Partners recently adopted, changing the way approach planning our built environment and infrastructure, in a context of Climate emergency.

“I look forward to hearing what local people think of the developing Oxfordshire 2050 Plan over the summer.”

Those wishing to take part can register for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 mailing list to ensure they receive a link to the online consultation as soon as it opens. Simply email info@oxfordshireplan.org with “Mailing list” in the subject line.

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