How Oxfordshire’s housing needs are being met through Housing & Growth Deal

Councillor Jane Murphy, Chair of the Oxfordshire Growth Board, was invited to talk about the work being done to deliver new affordable homes via the Housing & Growth Deal.

The £215m Deal, signed with the Government, is the initial down payment of investment to support new infrastructure, housing and jobs within Oxfordshire.

Cllr Murphy delivered a keynote speech at a house building conference held by the Westminster Social Policy Forum in London on Wednesday (January 15).

In her speech, she explained how the Deal meant we could not carry on with business as usual and a radical step change was required in how we work in Oxfordshire.

This has been built on five key principles: better transport and social infrastructure; properly planned development via the Oxfordshire Plan 2050; new homes where they are needed; more affordable homes; and a strong economy.

She said: “Our task is to deliver homes in a predictable and managed way, facilitated by the delivery of key bits of infrastructure.

“We have identified a need a for 100,000 new homes to 2031 but we want those homes to be high quality, with diverse and distinctive designs and a range of tenures.

“It is important that the housing mix meets both the requirements of the present and those of the future. Adaptability should, therefore, be built in, with properties that are built for change.”

This step change is not without its challenges, requiring a real adjustment in how Oxfordshire’s councils work together, but Cllr Murphy revealed how they have come together as partners and are demonstrating excellence in partnership working in delivering the Deal.

And she hopes it will result in an Oxfordshire which leads the way in high quality, long-term sustainable growth that meets aspirations of investors, Government and our residents.

You can see the presentation HERE.

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